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What We Believe

Powerful Resources to Accelerate Early Stage Companies

We are determined to help the people who are unwavering in their commitment to create and deliver products and services that have mystical power. The kind of stuff that you just can’t stop talking about and that you want to share with everyone you know. Things that make our lives and our planet better.

We’re focused on the dreamers and the makers who have pulled together that incredible brew of art, science, insight, and raw determination. They don’t give up and they live to see the joy and life changing benefits that come from their creations. Working with these people is what we get up for every day. Our work is our play.

“By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.” - Franz Kafka

International Markets

How We Work

At Privilege Capital Partners — we are prepared to take risks on visionary people and products that excite us. There are three fundamentals we look for in any future partner: Founder, Product, and Vision.

When considering a new opportunity, we spend time thinking through how the product will be used, getting to know the founders and understanding the potential. We are also looking for the chemistry needed to build a working relationship with the founder and their team.

We’ve never seen a forecast that is square on and we don’t buy the standard presentation that shows big losses to big profits in record time. It just doesn’t work that way.

We know that some companies have needed time to find their footing and that’s a great place for us to step in and provide the support and sounding board that is essential for lift off. We have a knack for picking winners and empowering them to the fullest.

We commit with our minds, and our hearts. We are available, trusted counselors to all of the people who build the companies in which we participate — especially when others have turned away.

We look for companies that have created defensible products and or services that have the potential to achieve a minimum of $100+ Million in company valuation within four to five years.

If we decide to engage, we exchange services for equity that includes performance measures and deliverables from our side. We truly take a vested interest in the companies who invite us to join them on their journey. Every deal is different so equity percentages from 5% to 20%.

If you would like to talk about your business and you are open to building something amazing together, please get in touch and tell us your story.

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